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We are extremely grateful for each + every one of our clients. Giving back + serving you further with our talents + gifts brings our hearts a great deal of joy. Much more than you may know. Here is one giant way that we’d like to achieve that.

Standard THREADING discount

What is threading? Book multiple photography sessions and/or products in a special plan and you will receive wonderful savings on your photography investments. 10% off when booking two sessions, 15% when booking 3 or more, and if you book more than 3 sessions at once – you’ll receive the 15% off and we will throw in a beautiful layflat album filled with photos of your choice! There are 3 more ways of getting additional discounts when you book with us – keep on reading.

*Well, technically 4 more ways – look at the bottom of this post and you will find yet another way of receiving a discount – Sharing is caring folks!

Back-to-Back THREADING discount

The above discounts will also apply if it is someone you’ve invited along. This will be valid if you and your friend book your sessions back to back, same day. So, you’d both receive 5% off {making the 10% total above}, then we’d add another 5% discount because you will be booking the same day!

Referral THREADING discount

In our contact form, we ask ‘How did you hear about us?’ – This is the most efficient way to hear if you’ve referred us. But to fully solidify if you have referred us to anyone, we ask that you send us an email letting us know. We will then send you a 10% gift certificate for your next session or a high quality 11X14 deep matte print – a photo of your choice from a past or future session.

Product THREADING discount

Every time you THREAD a product – excluding individual print sales – you will receive $50 off each product. This includes the first product as well. Some popular products we currently offer are :

  • Custom archival wooden box with USB + 20 4X6 prints • can hold 150 prints max
  • Lay-flat album with custom etched title on a leather cover • 5X5 → 12X12
  • Gallery canvas wraps • 8X10 → 40X60

*you-are-amazing THREADING discount


Because we love you – if you couldn’t tell yet. When you book your photography session 3 or more months ahead of time + you pay in full, you will get yet another discount.

WEDDINGS will receive an extra $150 discount

FAMILY PACKAGES will vary in receiving an extra $75 – $150 discount

TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS at an hour long – will receive an extra $50 discount

COMMERCIAL CLIENTS we have not forgotten about you. Your discount will vary depending on the plan you make with us. If you plan on getting this imperative investment of professional photography to keep people updated on your business venture all year – for example – the possibilities for saving through our THREADING discounts above will be quite a foxy deal for your business. Let us know more of what you’d specifically like to do and we can help guide you through our simplified formula.

  • Most of the time, with the Back-to-Back + Referral THREADING, simply posting these offers on social media can lead to someone wanting to tag along for before/after your session, or they end up booking a later session on their own time.
  • Send out a laid back + witty email or text to a special group of people that you know.
  • A simple statement can be ‘Who else would like to get some photos done?! I know a super sweet + talented photography team and there is an opportunity to receive some amazing discounts, and possibly both of us a discount if we book the same day!’  or something like that 😉

So, as you can see – these 5 ways of THREADING multiple sessions, products or ‘dolla bills’ can lead to incredible discounts. A scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours method.