Our booking calendar is for specific promotions that run for a limited time. When you head over there at this time, it will take you straight to the dates of this mini-session promotion.

PRICING // early bird rate of $200 by April 28th, 2018 – regular rate thereafter of $250

TIMING // It will be ~20 minutes of shooting and 10 minutes grace period; for warming up the connection, finding the perfect spot to start shooting, and in-case you might be running a few minutes behind. Please know, we make it our best effort to work it out so you’ll receive the full session you have booked, but if you run late, we cannot guarantee this. We’ll have to work with what time we have, reschedule to a later time during this offer or apply it to our next mini session offer. *If you let us know 24 hours or more in advance about your circumstance with not being present, we may still have some room to be able to try and work something out during this mini session offer.

DATE // May 12th!

LOCATION // Thomas Center



  • 30 minutes of creative shooting time {leave possible 10 minutes toward getting to know each other and transition time}
  • 15+ guaranteed professionally edited photos where you can choose 5 favorites for download
  • Color & B+W edited versions of all or majority. You will get both versions for each download
  • With 5 high resolution downloads; you will have option to purchase more at $25 per image or optional full gallery download.
  • Code for a free 8X10 from your online gallery + 20% off your entire purchase if you wanted more works of art to grace your walls {shipping cost is separate}



Keep in mind, you can always upgrade at any time. Your requests are unlimited for additions, so don’t hesitate to ask if that is something you’d like. Time addition can also extend if it is available within the surrounding block times. Digital image packages are a part of this as well – this includes web-size images or high res images or a mixture of the two.


These are sessions we offer at specific times of the year to clients + future clients, giving a chance to receive beautiful photographs in a short period of time. They will give you a taste of what our full sessions entail. It is also at a significant discount in price – more than half off. Sometimes the investment on quality photography isn’t always top priority, and that is a brutal honest truth that we can definitely understand. So offering these mini-sessions is important to us for that exact circumstance.


We seem to generally connect to families during our mini session promotional offers. I adore shooting families, but we also want to additionally welcome all different kinds of genres. So, keep a lookout, there will be a variety of mini sessions throughout the year. We post pretty frequently to social media, so come on over and join us to receive the most current updates.



Your experience in these mini-sessions are extremely important to me. It is as important as any other session. Typically, all of our mini sessions run for 20 minutes with a 10 minute grace period for warming the connection. Photo style will include both traditional and modern lifestyle portraiture. There will always be in-between moments and details as well, with easygoing  and comfortable direction. After I have chosen the best, I’ll professionally hand-edit each one with consistency in mind. Each photo will be fine-tuned into creative quality works of art. Then it’s your decision to hang them on your wall, put in an album, or post on social media. We are in hopes that you will print these though, so you can see them for years to come!

The total amount of images you’ll receive in your online personal gallery, ranges from 10-30 edited images. This all depends on how well the session flows and what type of session you have booked. Normally a mini session with a family includes an average of 25 images. Images will stay in your gallery for a few months, giving good time to decide what you’d like to pursue. We will never delete these forever though, the only time-limit is for your online personal gallery space.

Check out our most recent mini session flyer and rundown at the top of this page. Each session is different and will have specific complementary additions. Sometimes we will include a print product that will be fitting for a need during that season/holiday. Then, sometimes it will be a mixture of print product + digital files. For Fall minis, we offer cards + small books for the holidays. We imagine a main goal for most of you is to gift beautiful pictures to someone special. With the print offer attached, it makes things pretty convenient. We will do all the work for you. All you have to do is hand deliver or package it up with your final touches!

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