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May has been a bright month. Our daughter turned 7, she was more than prepared and has grown into a mature little lady – almost right before our eyes. We celebrated her day at the pool, and the sun didn’t fall short in attendance one bit. A friend – whom did most of the work to that sweet vanilla, pool party cake – and myself, made the cake & molded a dolphin princess as a topping. At the end of the day, our birthday girl felt that she had one too many balloons, so she tied a piece of scripture to one – all her idea – then let the balloon go, in hopes it can find its way into somebody else’s hands. Then there is J-babe, he is now 8 months, and just like any baby in their first year, he is growing at an incredible rate. Still a little bean though. He got to swing at the park, go swimming with Daddy, and from his bottom gum has emerged his very first tooth. Other adventures in the midst were spending time with some rescued monkeys, finding a small field of flowers after picking some blueberries, having a party in our daughter’s room – entirely hosted by her, and over Memorial Day weekend we were fortunate enough to have traveled to Pensacola for a couple days to see family. Traveling isn’t what it used to be, our kids are great companions though, and stopping to stretch is a must. Hopefully this was a good preparation for our road-trip to Chicago come July.

Scroll on through to the bottom and you will find the link to the next talented photographer in line! Her name, Kristin Bakker.

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 9

















Hope you enjoyed my Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 9 – please head on over to the next blog in line! Kristin Bakker always has a great perspective. Check out her snippets from May HERE! Her children are THE sweetest things. And from her blog, you will be directed to the other ladies that have participated.

You will not be disappointed. ♥

14 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 9

  1. Everything you capture is amazing, and I so look forward to your blog circle xo

  2. Beautiful as always. That movement of the hair, the moment – your style truly reminds me of a moment of time captured in some secret intimate way. I love it.

  3. These all brought a smile to my face. Except the monkey. He/she made me laugh. Love how you capture your wold and the story of your daughter with the scripture is precious! What a great heart she has!

  4. WOW. I love your editing and carefree feeling I get from looking at your photos. And that’s one awesome cake!

  5. Another beautiful month you had! That birthday cake is killer! I bet she loved it! I’m a huge fan of home made birthday cakes it brings me back to my childhood! Your kids are gorgeous! I thought I should tell you again in case I don’t tell you enough! Do you shoot in film, I always get the film vibe when I look at your work and I love it! It is something I feel I can’t achieve but I really really love your work!

    • Thank You AnnMarie! Yes, she really did. Happy my friend could help me out in that arena…im not the best 😉 – I do not shoot in film, but the presets are all replicating film, and then I tweak it here and there! I want to really shoot in film one day though… one day down the road xox

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