Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 23 – Gainesville, Florida lifestyle photographer

Welcome to the August Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle. I was able to grab some simple portraits of my kids which has made me one happy mama. We are homeschooling again this year and our daughter started her first day of third grade. Scheduling and planning this year’s curriculum has taken quite a number of late nights and hours – alongside with doing client work – so photographing this little splash of sweet light highlighting their cheeks, was a real treat and great way to end the month. Oh – and they’re all in black and white. I really loved color, because that’s something I always tend to love on, but the black and whites were speaking more to me this time.

Thanks for looking ♥

Make sure to go through to the bottom of the post, to find another talented photographer in line for our August Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle, Crystal Raynard. She proves summer is definitely not over yet in her beautiful post. 

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Like promised – here is Crystal Raynard’s month of August. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 23 – Gainesville, Florida lifestyle photographer

  1. Love these. I want to jump right into these happy scenes! Amazing work 🙂

  2. I obviously don’t know your children, but you really seemed to capture their personalities in these portraits! Any tips for getting your children to cooperate for portraits? Mine seldom have the patience!

    • That’s awesome… Thanks for sharing that, Becky 😀 And YES! Tips – Bear with me, there are a few things that have worked
      1) I let her in on my creative process. So, I let her take portraits of me. She loved it! It was a fair trade and has worked most of the time.
      2) We busted out pictures from when she was a babe, and the hubs and I as babes, and explained to her the importance + beauty of archiving these memories.
      Then 3) Kind of a longer explanation, but there is a backstory. My daughter was getting to the age of randomly not wanting to take portraits for me, then more than random, then it become what seemed to be a burden for her. I didn’t want to do that to her, and make her do it if she didn’t want to. I expressed this somewhere to someone, not sure exactly when – maybe a few years ago – or who said it, but it stuck with me… The person said something along these lines ‘well she is modeling for you right? Modeling is a high paying job as an adult. So, maybe you should consider paying her?’ That was all they said really, in a nutshell. But it made sense! So, we decided to start paying her, pretty much. At first it wasn’t actually monetary, but more like gifts that were of value to her. To show her how much we appreciated her time so to speak. Also, now that we’ve been making income from stock photography, she gets a cut whenever she is the model in the photo.
      So, now when I have an idea that can be good stock or just something nice for memories in general – she agrees, drops what she is doing, and comes with me. She likes the quality time too I think 😉 — Now I’m inspired to write this down in my list for future blog post! X Good question Becky

  3. Oh Stacey, these portraits are so beautiful. Your kiddos are just so timeless and sweet! You seemed to capture their little personalities so well here. And your conversions are perfection!

  4. Man, they look like they are having fun! Love seeing your kiddos with such joy and processed to perfection! Thinking of you as you start your school year!

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