Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 22 – Gainesville, Florida lifestyle photographer

It’s another wonderful month with the ladies over at L{U} – I am so ridiculously tired, I can barely keep my eyes open, but I really love sharing personal work in between client work. And right now, I have editing up the wazoo to do for clients … and with that, am so extremely grateful.  Well, now that my eyes are burning, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Here is a later day at the park, just as the sun went down – still humid and all. Fell in love with the perfect overcast diffusion and how the light fell on their playful skin. Texture was everywhere, and so was the black residue from the recycled tire playground. And when converted to black and white, they were even more beautiful. These are mostly of our boy because his curls are a bit easier to catch these days. ♥

Make it all the way to the bottom to find the link to the next amazing talent in line. Miss Chrissy Ray!

park-kids-0740 park-kids-0741 park-kids-0735 park-kids-0762 park-kids-0765 park-kids-0767 park-kids-0768 park-kids-0771 park-kids-0772 park-kids-0779 park-kids-0780 park-kids-0775 park-kids-0781 park-kids-0783 park-kids-0789 park-kids-0795 park-kids-0800 park-kids-0803 park-kids-0804 park-kids-0805 park-kids-0807 park-kids-0809 park-kids-0811 park-kids-0818 park-kids-0823 park-kids-0828

As promised, here is the link to Chrissy Ray’s month of July ♥

14 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 22 – Gainesville, Florida lifestyle photographer

  1. That is it, I am moving to YOU, just so we can have park days together, GORGEOUS images my friend!!

  2. Gah! Stacey, these are gold! Like pure gold! I love them all, but those details of his curly hair just kill me! Oh and how you framed him in the play equipement. Love that shot as well!

  3. These are so precious!! Your editing never ceases to amaze me!! The COLORS and the rich black and whites. I could look at these all day long!!

  4. OH goodness. Curls plus humidity perfection. I so enjoyed these, but the one where she is lifting him up, that one melts me.

  5. Oh I love right when the light starts disappearing. Definitely my favorite time to shoot.Your posts are always so emotive and I love the story in these. That first image is so dope!! Seriously.

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