Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 14 – Gainesville, Florida

We made it to Chicago for the Fall. We visited family and friends, and our children played in the leaves. PLUS they let me photograph them while the wind combed their hair! That is all. It was so beautiful… ♥

If you came here from Natalie, thank you for following along with the blog circle with the L{U} ladies. If you hadn’t and I am the first, please go all the way through! To get to the next talented lady in line, scroll all the way through my images to click on the link to get to Elise Meader’s month.


IMG_9391 IMG_9392 IMG_9394 IMG_9403 IMG_9406 IMG_9412 IMG_9436 IMG_9465 IMG_9486 IMG_9487 IMG_9488 IMG_9502 IMG_9558 IMG_9560 IMG_9575 IMG_9582 IMG_9590


Like promised, CLICK HERE to see Elise’s sweet shots this month. Her kids are so darn cute and it’s also mixed in with fuzzy fall goodness that she ever so creatively captured.

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