Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 11 – Gainesville, Florida

Thanks for checking out the ladies before me, if that is where you are coming from. If I am the first from the circle for you, then WELCOME. Please make sure to click all the way through, we have 9 ladies in this circle for July!
This month, I will showcase some at home with our family, but a lot will revolve around travels. We made a ROAD TRIP to Chicago in the beginning of the month. That’s about 16 + hours people. With 2 children, one 10 months and one 7 years, and honestly … we did really really well with one another. I had 3 family photoshoots, an engagement, and a wedding to photograph while being in Chicago, so it feels like this ‘vacation’ went by with a blink of an eye. We got to see our closest friends and family at the same time, and I may have suffered a little bit of adrenal fatigue when I got back – no joke – but it was totally worth it. 😉
Scroll through my month then head on over to the next lady in line – the lovely Courtney of Momentologie Photography!!! She has talent for days! Link will be at the end of the post.

child - baby

child girl

corn field

corn field girl child

convertible girl child wind

light plan sunset

grandpa family baby black and white

fireworks light night

child girl black and white

family cookout grill

family cookout grill

family child dog run sunset

child eyes black and white

girl child florida

girl child portrait

family sunset roadtrip

life {unscripted}

Now head on over to Courtney’s blog HERE – Momentologie Photography – to see what she shows off for her month of July! I’ll give you an incentive – Freelensing and a strawberry patch!!! Her images will have you melting xoxox

6 thoughts on “Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 11 – Gainesville, Florida

  1. what a gorgeous set of images – I think the 2nd last one is my favourite – there’s just something about it…beautiful work!

  2. Great memories made here, I can see! I love the light, and man, your son is getting quite the head of hair! Lovely set, Stacey!

  3. you are such an inspiration, stacey. i love all your work from the shot to the processing. keep on keeping on with your bad self <3

  4. Beautiful as always. Your work is so powerful and gorgeously golden.

  5. acckk so good girl!!!! That black and white portrait of your beautiful girl really gets me in the feels! I just love it so much! But then again I love everything you do! xoxo 😉

  6. Exceptional, exquisite, amazing!! Just a few of the words that comes to mind when looking at this set! WOW, love each and every image!

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