Heidi+Chris // Chicago, IL – Engagement Session

Heidi + Chris

Location:   Downtown Evanston // Chicago, IL.
Engaged to be married:   June, 27th 2014

I’ve known these two for quite some time, high school time. They’ve been sweethearts for many years, and we got the phone call receiving the news that they’re going to officially tie the knot!  We are pretty stoked. We love photographing friends just as much as we love photographing people we just met, and at the same time there is always uniqueness to both. We instantly started comfortable conversation, it was sweet photo after sweet photo after that.  As usual, the one being photographed is majority of the time feeling a bit like “what do I do?” {We know that feeling too, you are not alone!}, but that of course led to their genuine smiles and personality.

Heidi is a Dental Hygienist, she knows what she’s doing…. a gorgeous smile + stunning eyes on that girl. Chris is a blessed man!  Not too much had changed since when they first met, and we got to know their relationship a bit more actually because of this engagement session {which is always the case}.

Congrats to Heidi and Chris, the future Mr. & Mrs. Bloom, you are an incredible inspiration for those in a commitment + we wish you only the best on your journey together!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to photograph your love as the sun set in Chicago.  Lake Michigan couldn’t have been more romantic for you.


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