Senior Session with Bryanna + Photography Mentoring with Ashley Dease

In this blog post I will walk you through a little bit of how this senior session panned out, as well as showing you the magnificent portraits Bryanna modeled – in the sweet morning light at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens {website / facebook}

Who was there?

 The senior, Bryanna, is a super darling person with a seriously caring personality, and I had the pleasure of taking some portraits of her after a pivotal moment in life. She graduated high school and was homeschooled the whole ride, and let me tell you – she is wise beyond her years. She will go far in whatever she chooses to do, and one thing I know of is her solid love for nurturing animals – particularly horses. Check out another post from about 2 years ago with her family and horse – Dylan {my editing and presentation was a little different a couple years ago, but this session still makes my heart smile}  Go to past post HERE

This photography senior session was not only special because of the radiant Bryanna whom just graduated high school, but I also had another amazing woman grace her presence alongside us. She’s a motivated and inspired individual who is getting into this whole photography game, while also building a business – which I find to be extraordinary. Additionally, she is a friend and the fact that she’d like to learn and implement pieces of information from my brain has me a bit speechless. During this mentoring session, she was very close to her due date and man-alive, I was downright encouraged by her desire to beat the heat, get low to the ground and learn. Her name folks, is Ashley Dease and her photography venture is called HEAR + SEE photography. Follow along! {website / facebook}

Photography Mentoring

The research and information for mentoring and for photography in general – Initially, I thought up of a rough to-do list – in random order – of what we should try to conquer during the 1-2 hours of being on location. I tried to think of the things I go through in my head when shooting a portrait lifestyle session. Then, I printed it up and gave a copy to her, so we can glance at it here and there. In the end, we mostly covered it all, and we would’ve loved to have kept going, but for goodness sakes – the humidity!

I’ll go ahead and name some of the points that we accomplished beside the imagery – as well as tack on some light notes. Then, at the finale I will include a link to my e-workshop I created for photographers, called Kindred Connection. So, if you are interested in reading a 110+ page PDF by yours truly – on connecting with your clientele in more ways than one – make your way to the end of this post. There will be more information on the workshop, reviews, how to purchase, and the remarkable blog who I’ve had the honor to partner up with.

Creative Walk Through


First up was grabbing a sound headshot/portrait. This will be cherished by all family and friends, young and old, because a simple traditional portrait grabbing the details of one’s confidence and comfortability is way more influential of an image than one might think {and useful in the near future for Bryanna}. This first one is my favorite traditional portrait out of the bunch – not only do I love her beautiful red hair and brown eyes, but I think that slight raise in the eyebrow pulled me in further.

gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9283 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-2-5gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9290

Im aware of traditional photographs possibly meeting a higher ‘contentedness’ by more people, but that’s not exactly how I roll. I always make it a point to show my creative expression, because that is not only important for my soul, but it is more importantly significant for the clients, to tell their story for years to come. If you love an artist’s work for as you see it, then that is what you will expect… in turn being satisfied with your investment.

 Examples on the Contemporary Side

Dramatic light : Finding that source of light – this session being the rising sun – from one end of the frame only, will most likely end up giving your photographs mood. One of my favorites being the use of light in The Inverse Square Law. Think of the light source being a spotlight, and when placing the subject at different lengths parallel to the light source – this will create different looks. I like to place the subject right in the middle of where light meets shadow. This gives a ‘natural studio’ look, but also screams originality to me. Not always a traditional route, but it can be.


Next is a handful of frames that I personally really loved, using mood for inspiration. Some being directional light – some being diffused – and some utilizing hip techniques, all striving to capture emotion with not only light, but how the light paints itself on the subject + surroundings. Like the details of the face, hands, hair, clothing … etc. + then also how it shows up in the environment, with a wider perspective. Going from wide to detail + from detail to wide, is key to telling a story. After this second group of images below, you will find the workshop link and information like promised!

Thanks for taking a look and reading – hope this has been helpful and/or inspired you! ♥

gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna--5gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna--7gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9136 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9150 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9191 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9198 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9209 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9306 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna--10 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna--16 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9329 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-2-3 gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9163This last shot was my favorite BTS of Ashley getting down – she rocked it.  gainesville-photography-senior-session-bryanna-9342

Our Photography Workshop and Other Helpful Goodies

My workshop Kindred Connection: Being rooted when photographing your subject was launched and is currently featured on Beyond the Wanderlust. Beyond the Wanderlust is jam-packed with featured artists + sessions, as well as educational tutorials – to real + raw stories written by contributing photographers {myself included} – all to show the reader some sweet inspiring imagery.

You can find more information on what my workbook Kindred Connection is all about by clicking on these links below.

Click here to see an overview of materials received + to read more reviews.

Click here to see promo video.

Also, feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions // click here or email us at

With Love,

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