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Lifestyle Photography


This beautiful young lady turned 16, and I had the pleasure of doing some lifestyle portrait photography for her and her family.

They asked if they can do it in a remote location with her horse…. imagine you know what answer I gave them!  🙂
These are friends from church as well, so it was a special time.  I rode with them in their truck, with Bryanna’s horse in a trailer behind… was definitely a bumpy adventure through the muggy depths of Gainesville {and I was 8 months pregnant I think?! haha}, but when we arrived, it was gorgeous.  Wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to dig in your lifestyle a bit and photograph a special time in your life….you and your family are beautiful Bryanna!!!

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One thought on “Gainesville, Fl. // Lifestyle Photography // Bryanna

  1. As usual you have captured the beauty and love that this family has for each other. Some of the pictures actually gave me chills and I don’t even personally know them. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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