Kindred Connection : Being rooted when photographing your subject

{partnered with Beyond the Wanderlust}

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Stacey Muniz, of Soul Threading, is a lifestyle photographer located in Gainesville, Florida. Stacey is excited to be partnering with Beyond the Wanderlust to share with you her workshop “Kindred Connection: Being Rooted When Photographing Your Subject.” When photographing someone there is a communication that takes place – whether it is silent or spoken. This course is designed to improve your communication – from your first client interaction, through shooting, to post processing – you will be delivering more genuine emotions throughout your session. If you are looking to be more rooted in your photography, Stacey hopes you will join her to help find your kindred connection.

  • 117 page PDF workbook
  • BTS video of Stacey location scouting
  • One image personally critiqued and edited by Stacey