Danny Pynes – Musician – Gainesville, Florida Photographer

Stacey Muniz – Gainesville Florida photographer

We’ve had the pleasure getting to know the gifted artist and musician Danny Pynes {D.P.}. He resides here locally in Gainesville, Florida – but travels to other states when he is touring. We are so grateful for the privilege to provide Danny with promotional photographs for the past couple years. One of which was a live show. And now, here is a peek into our most recent session, shot in the beautiful Florida golden hour.

Before we dive in, here is a blurb from an article, in which I found to be a wonderful description for the kind of musician he is //

If you’ve never seen Danny Pynes live, you haven’t seen one of the best musicians to come out of Gainesville in the past decade. The man can play pretty much any instrument you can name, and what he does with them is transcendent. He’s a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, all under the lens of hip-hop. His latest album, “End of Times,” is his most ambitious out of a sizable catalog. It’s his most cohesive, heartfelt record to date, and it is fantastic. His backing band is a veritable who’s who of Gainesville musicians, and the man performs his butt off while he plays either guitar, synthesizers or piano. If you don’t like hip-hop, Danny Pynes will convert you.

The link to the full article by Scott Kauffman is here on gainesville.com

His website : dannypynes.com

Check him out yall – Enjoy ♥

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